Terms & Conditions for Storeit4me




1.    The Company (herein after referred to as ‘Storeit4me’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) will store at the premises known as Unit A5 Stephenson Road, Swindon SN25 5AX or in such other premises as the Company may decide (“the premises”) with the prior written agreement of the Client (herein after referred to as ‘you’). The Client may store their own personal goods and such other materials as the Company may at its sole discretion accept for the time being (hereinafter referred to as “Goods “) as delivered or collected for storage after the commencement of this Agreement. Goods shall be packed in container provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as “containers”) in such manner appropriate to the Goods as the Company and the Client shall mutually agree. 




2.    The Agreement between You and Storeit4me shall take place with effect from the date on which the first delivery of containers to Your address is complete and shall be for a period of time as selected by You as the customer. You will be charged weekly the amount not exceeding the agreed upon rate confirmed at the point of first sale, although Storeit4me holds the right to increase or decrease the weekly rate. You will be notified of any change to the rate and will have the opportunity to cancel Your payment before any changes take place.


3.    In return for the charges payable under this Agreement and subject to the terms of this Agreement, we offer the following Services:


a.    Delivery and collection of containers, both empty and containing Your goods; and the storage of these containers on our premises.

b.    Delivery of packaging and storage materials, these are owned by You following payment to Storeit4me.


3. As and when requested by You, Storeit4me shall:

a.    where you request, deliver one or more empty Storage Containers and other packing materials to the ground floor of your specified delivery address;

b.    collect the Storage Containers packed with your Goods, in each case suitably prepared for transport, from the ground floor of your specified collection address on the collection date chosen by you on the Site;

c.    transport the Storage Containers packed with your Goods otherwise suitably prepared for transport to Storeit4me’s storage facility and store them there;

d.    return each Storage Container packed with your Goods to the ground floor of your specified return address on the date chosen by you on the Site; 


4.    The Company will charge for these services in accordance with rates listed on the Storeit4me website. These are subject to change at the Company’s discretion, the Company will notify customers of any changes by updating the rates on the website or by other reasonable means.


5.    The company reserves the right to move your goods between locations should the need arise, at the Company’s own cost.


6.    Storeit4me may contact You via call or text on a phone number as supplied by You during the sign up or order process. You consent to being contacted for reasons including but not limited to:


a.    Notification on the day that Our driver will be at Your address to confirm Our driver is intending to deliver or collect containers during the day.

b.    Notification that Our driver is directly on the way to Your address and will be with You soon.

c.    Notification that Our driver is at or near Your address.



7.    Any charges for collecting or delivering containers, receiving goods into store and for storage shall be invoiced every 4 weeks in arrears and are payable by the Client to the Company by Direct Debit within 3 days of receipt of invoice. For the purpose of this Agreement, the storage charges shall be calculated on a week or part thereof basis. You agree to pay Storeit4me immediately after ordering goods and services through the Storeit4me website.


8.    You agree to pay Storeit4me an upfront charge as calculated during the checkout process on the Storeit4me website. The charge will include the total weekly storage rate of each container multiplied by 4, the total cost for any consumables purchased through the website and a delivery and collection fee of £7 per trip (£14 total for collection and delivery of containers). You also agree to pay a weekly charge for all containers ordered by You to Your address.


9.    The 4 weeks of standard storage rate charged upfront during the ordering process starts from the day the containers are delivered to your address, a weekly charge will be incurred 28 days after the delivery day and will be incurred weekly thereafter.


10. You agree to pay £7 for each attempted collection or delivery of containers s, if Our driver cannot contact you at your address the £7 fee will be incurred. A further charge of £7 will be incurred for each subsequent attempt to collect or deliver containers to or from your address.


11. Upon the termination of our service as authorised by you as the customer, your goods will be returned to you at a cost listed on the Storeit4me website, and all containers will be returned to the Company through a collection arranged on the Storeit4me website.


12. Storeit4me will offer customer incentives or discounts to the standard rates of shipping, handling, and storage in a discretionary manner. These will be made available to You as a customer on the Storeit4me website and will be reflected in the invoice generated during the checkout process. These include but are not limited to:


a.    Free shipping and handling fees for new or existing customers.

b.    Refund of any unused storage containers ordered by a new customer.

c.    Discounted weekly storage rate for any or all storage containers.





13.  Only one offer, discount or discount code may be applied per order. Multiple offers or discount codes cannot be used in conjuncture.


14.  Offers, discounts or discount codes will remain valid if used to complete an order until the offer, discount or discount codes expires or is amended or withdrawn by Storeit4me.


15. The offer, discount or discount code applied to an order may not be amended or updated without the express permission of Storeit4me after the order has been completed.


16.  The standard terms and conditions apply in respect to any order completed with the use of an offer, discount or discount code.


17.  The value of any offer, discount or discount code will be displayed during the checkout stage of the order process.


18.  Storeit4me reserves the right to amend or withdraw any offer, discount or discount code at any time in a discretionary manner.






19. You agree to submit any cancellation or edit to an order made on the Storeit4me website at least 24 hours before the start of the delivery or collection day allocated to You, You will be notified of the delivery or collection day on the Storeit4me website or via a confirmation email.


20. If You edit or cancel an order within 24 hours of the start of the delivery or collection day the cancellation or edit will not be processed.


21. Our drivers will make every reasonable effort to contact You at Your address at the point of delivery or collection, including calling or texting You on a phone number submitted by You to Storeit4me during the sign up process on the Storeit4me website. If after 10 minutes you cannot be contacted at Your address, the delivery or collection will be marked as failed and a separate delivery or collection will have to be arranged by You on the Storeit4me website.




22. If you do not pay the charges or any other payments due under this Agreement, Storeit4me shall have the right to withhold and dispose of some or all of the Goods stored. You will be responsible for all storage charges and any other associated costs incurred by Storeit4me while disposing of the Goods.


23. Storeit4me will provide you with 28 days’ notice requiring you to pay all amounts due and to contact Storeit4me to arrange for delivery of the containers. If, upon the expiration of the 28-day notice period you have failed to pay all of the amounts due, Storeit4me may dispose of some or all of the Goods or Other Items in a discretionary manner.


24. If in Storeit4me’s reasonable opinion the Goods or Other Items cannot be sold for a reasonable price or at all (for any reason) or despite Storeit4me’s reasonable efforts they remain unsold, you authorise Storeit4me to treat them as abandoned and to destroy or otherwise dispose of them at your cost.


25. You have the option to buy each container from Storeit4me at the price listed on the Storeit4me website, once We have received payment for the containers their ownership transfers to you and we have no further interest in them.


26. If Storeit4me have not received payment for storage, packaging materials or a delivery or collection charge within 8 weeks of the charge being incurred, Storeit4me reserves the discretionary right to pass the matter to a third party debt collection agency. 





27. The storage charges detailed in this Agreement will not be increased without prior written notice to the Client. Thereafter all or any of the rates set out in this Agreement may be reviewed every April and may be increased upon the Company sending to the Client not less than 30 day’s prior written notice specifying each of the increased rates. Upon receipt of such notice the Client shall have the option of withdrawing from storage all of the Goods on payment of all charges whatsoever accrued up to the date of such withdrawal. The Client shall be deemed to have agreed the increased rates in respect of all Goods not so withdrawn before the increase comes into operation and shall be liable accordingly. 




28.  It is a condition of this Agreement that:


You warrant that You are the owner or legal custodian of the Goods stored by the Company under this Agreement.


And that such Goods do not fall into any of the prohibited goods as list below:


·         Food or perishable goods

·         Non-perishable food stored in any way that may attract vermin

·         Combustible, flammable, explosive or oxidizing materials

·         Liquids or gases such as Paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents, gas cylinders or fireworks

·         Tires

·         Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents

·         Pollutants, toxic or hazardous materials or contaminated goods

·         or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature

·         Any item which emits any fumes, smells or odor

·         Any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained.

·         Compressed non-flammable gases 

·         Any item of high value requiring specialist storage

·         Asbestos or waste materials requiring specialist removal or disposal

·         Birds, fish or any other living or non-living animals

·         Bullion, precious stones and metals, bank notes or coins, currency, cheques, treasury notes, bonds negotiable instruments or securities of any kind.

·         Mobile telephones

·         Jewellery

·         Watches

·         Sharp knives or other kitchen implements unless the blade is full protected by a suitable material

·         Weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, parts, associated accessories, materials and/or ingredients of all kinds

·         Any other items or goods that Storeit4me deems unacceptable or unreasonable, on a discretionary basis.

Glass or goods with any glass elements, crockery and other fragile or breakable items (including but not limited to Antiques) are to be packed and stored suitably, with all reasonable care and attention taken by the Customer to ensure the items are not damaged. The Company is not held liable for any loss or damage to such items and the Customer stores such items at their own risk.




29.  This agreement restricts the Company’s liability for loss or damage to the Clients property, not including the Company’s negligence or wilful misconduct, to theft, fire and flood.


30. The Company will not be liable for indirect or consequential losses suffered by the Customer, including loss of profit or revenue, loss of business or any other indirect or consequential loss.


31. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its employees and agents for any liability, cost or expense (including litigation expenses and reasonable legal fees) arising out of (i) the Company’s possession of the Client’s Goods, (ii) the characteristics of those Goods, (iii) Client’s breach of any terms or provisions of this Agreement, or (iv) the Company’s relations with third parties designated by the Client (such as the Client granting solicitors, auditors or any third party access to Goods held by the Company) unless any of the foregoing are caused solely by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Company. In the event that negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Company does cause damage or loss, the Company’s liability for any damage or loss is outlined in Clause 32.

32.  The value of the Goods stored under this Agreement by the Company for the Client shall be;

a)    the cost price of goods within the container;

b)    the current replacement cost of the Goods in the Container at the date of the claim;

c)    £50 per container (under Clause 31) unless the Customer has chosen to purchase the “Enhanced Contents Liability cover”.

d)    £500 per container where the Enhanced Contents Liability cover has been purchased as per Clause 33.


This limitation of the Company’s liability will apply regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise and shall include liability for costs. 


33.  If the Client has opted for the enhanced contents liability cover offered by the Company, Clause 32 is to be disregarded and Clause 33 takes effect. If this is the case, the value of the goods stored under this agreement by the Company for the Client shall be the cost price of the goods held within the container, or the current replacement cost of the Goods in the Container at the date of the claim, but in any event not exceeding GBP500.00 per container. In any event, the Company’s maximum aggregate liability to the Client for all claims of any nature whatsoever is limited to the total value of the goods or GBP500.00, whichever value is lower. This limitation of the Company’s liability will apply regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise and shall include liability for costs. 


34. The Company will not be liable to a Customer for any loss or damage arising from prohibited items as specified in this agreement under Clause 28.

35.  You agree that the Company holds no liability if any damage or loss occurs to any goods or items owned by the Client that is caused by your improper or unsafe packaging of goods or items. You are responsible for ensuring that no damage, loss or injury occurs to Storeit4me staff, contractors or property caused by improper or unsafe packaging of goods or items.


36.  Any claim made by a Client under the terms of this Agreement must be presented in writing to the Company within a reasonable time, and in any event, no longer than 5 days after return of the Goods to the Client or (if earlier) within 30 days from the Client being notified that loss, damage or destruction to part or all of the Goods has occurred. You acknowledge that Storeit4me will not be responsible for any loss or damage if you fail to inform Storeit4me within such time period. 


37.  Times provided by Storeit4me on the website are estimates only and you agree that Storeit4me is not liable for any loss or damages caused by a staff member arriving late for a collection or delivery of containers, or not collecting or delivering containers if an arrangement had been made to do so through the Storeit4me website or by any other reasonable means.


38.  In the event that any goods (packaging materials or containers) supplied by the Company are defective, damaged or otherwise unusable for their purpose, these include any packaging or storage materials or the containers, you agree to inform Storeit4me within 7 days of their delivery for investigation. Storeit4me undertakes to rectify any defects, to the best of its ability, by replacing damaged goods.


39.  You agree that Storeit4me is not liable for any damage or loss to any goods or items caused by you when packing or unpacking goods into or out of the containers.


40. You agree that Storeit4me is not liable for any damage to your property caused during the collection or delivery of the containers to your address unless the damage was caused by negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Storeit4me’s staff.


41. You agree that You are responsible for identifying each container used by you to store goods and items with an accurate description.






42.  If any claim arises herein for loss or damage, caused by the negligence or wilful misconduct of the Company, to an article constituting one of a pair or set, no regard shall be had to the value of the pair or set and the amount recoverable will be calculated as the cost of the replacement of that item as a sum equivalent to the cost of that item in isolation, not the cost of the item as part of a pair or set.  Storeit4me shall not be liable for any diminution in the value of the pair or set as a result of loss or damage.




43. The Company acknowledges that the Client has a proprietary interest in maintaining the confidentiality of any Goods stored by the Company and undertakes that, both during and after the termination of this Agreement, it will not disclose any confidential information pertaining to the nature of any such Goods to any other party. The Company will impose similar obligations of confidentiality relating to such Goods on its employees. All information concerning goods stored by the Client is confidential save that which is already in the public domain or which the Company can show was known to the Company prior to the disclosure or made known to the Company by a third party who had a right to do so and did not impose any subsisting obligation of confidentiality on the Company.




44. All rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, in this site, its design, text, images, software and underlying source code and other materials and in the Storeit4me storage service are owned by Storeit4me.


45. You agree to limit the weight of each storage container to 30KG maximum.


46.  In the event that an error, failure or systemic issue occurs for any reason and because of this error, failure or systemic issue the Company’s databases, IT system, website or members portal are made inaccessible, deleted or changed, the Company reserves the right to open any container without notifying the Customer for the purpose of identifying the Customer renting the container.


47. The Company reserves the right to open any container the Company is storing on behalf of a customer if any employee of the Company has a reason to believe that the terms of this agreement are in breach.


48. The Company reserves the right to open any container to inspect the goods without notifying the Customer if required to do so by the police, fire services, local authority or by court order or where the Client considers it necessary if there is excess weight or inappropriate packing materials used by the Customer.


49. The Company reserves the right to open any container to inspect the goods without notifying the Customer where the Company considers it necessary in an emergency (including but not limited to suspicion of hazardous substances, or unidentified items) or to prevent injury or damage to persons of property.


50.  Clauses 44 & 45 of this agreement allow the Company to open a container stored by the Company for reasons listed in clauses 44 & 45, this includes the breaking of any security measures put in place on the container. Including but not limited to padlocks, zip ties and tape.





51.  Storeit4me will not be liable or responsible for any damage to or loss of the Goods, or failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under this Agreement that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (non-exhaustively) Act of God, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster; war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, civil war; nuclear, any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, or any action taken by a government or public authority; fire, explosion or accidental damage; extreme adverse weather conditions; interruption or failure of utility service, including but not limited to electric power, gas or water; any labour dispute, including but not limited to strikes, industrial action or lockouts; non-performance or delay by suppliers or subcontractors.




52.  We retain and use all information you have provided to us strictly under the Privacy Policy


53.  We are the data controller of the personal data you have provided to us and that we use in delivering goods and services to you as a customer.


54.  Where you have provided to us personal data so that we can deliver goods and services to you, we will process that data by delivering to you goods or services as required. We will comply with our obligation as determined by the Data Protection Laws, these include but are not limited to, GDPR.


a.    Before or at the time of collecting personal data will identify the purposes for which this data is being collected.

b.    We will only use this personal data for the purposes we have specified.

c.    We will respect your rights in relation to data protection and privacy.

d.    We will implement organisational measures to ensure your data is protected. 


55.  For any questions, enquiries or complaints about data protection or privacy, please contact: info@storeit4me.co.uk


56.  You are responsible for choosing a password upon registration on the Storeit4me website, you are also responsible for keeping this password confidential while using Storeit4me’s services and taking all reasonable steps to ensure that nobody other than you uses your account without your knowledge and consent.


57. You agree to share a phone number with Storeit4me that can be used to contact you. On the day of a delivery or collection of containers to your address, Storeit4me may text and or call you to confirm the delivery or collection and to give a rough estimation of the time of delivery or collection. You agree to allow Storeit4me to contact you in this way or in a similar reasonable way.






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