Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of common questions about our services


All of our drivers are doing lateral flow tests 3 times a week. Drivers will also use hand sanitiser throughout the day and wear masks where appropriate to minimise the risk to our customers and staff.

Each trunk has a 30kg weight limit, regardless of size. We recommend spreading heavy items between multiple trunks to keep the weight of each trunk down. It’s hard to judge the exact weight of a trunk, but a good general rule is that if the trunk is too heavy for you to lift, it’ll be too heavy for us to lift!

Yes, the contents of your trunks are covered for up to £50 per trunk for free as standard. If you would like additional cover for your trunks, we offer enhanced liability cover of up to £500 per trunk for an additional £3 per trunk per week. To purchase the enhanced liability cover, there is no need to list the contents of your trunks at the point of purchase. Although the contents of the trunk may need to be disclosed at the point of claim.

Here is the list of prohibited items from our Terms & Conditions:

  • Food or perishable goods
  • Non-perishable food stored in any way that may attract vermin
  • Combustible, flammable, explosive or oxidizing materials
  • Liquids or gases such as Paint, petrol, oil, cleaning solvents, gas cylinders or fireworks
  • Firearms, ammunition
  • Tires
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents
  • Pollutants, toxic or hazardous materials or contaminated goods
  • Other materials of a potentially dangerous nature
  • Any item which emits any fumes, smells or odor
  • Any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained
  • Compressed non-flammable gases
  • Any item of high value requiring specialist storage
  • Asbestos or waste materials requiring specialist removal or disposal
  • Birds, fish or any other living or non-living animals

At the moment we just offer the 3 sizes of trunk, if it can fit securely in the largest trunk (190L) then we’re more than happy to store it.

We have 3 sizes of trunk. Small is 75L capacity, medium is 145L capacity and the large is 190L capacity. See our Help Doc for pictures showing each trunk and its contents to help you visualise what each trunk can hold.

Yes! After the trunks have been delivered to your address, you’ll be able to attach a label to each trunks unique barcode, this means you can log onto the customer portal and view, edit and retrieve each trunk.

Accurately labelling your trunks is important as it will allow you to retrieve your stuff easily from storage. We recommend packing trunks by a category, the category you choose is up to you. Grouping similar items together will make labelling each trunk and getting the right trunk back much easier.

We hope not. All our prices are listed on our website, you can see what we charge for as you go through the ordering process on the website and if you’ve got any doubts at all, please give us a call.

The first delivery of trunks to your address is free of charge, each delivery or collection of a full trunk (a trunk containing your stuff) is £7. We will charge you for a failed delivery or a collection (if our driver could not contact you).

We sell a wide range: vacuum bags, boxes, plastic courier bags, bubble wrap, tape, anti-static bags, silica anti-moisture bags and padlocks for the trunks. We recommend using silica anti-moisture bags to protect anything that may be damaged by moisture while in storage and using plenty of bubble wrap to protect anything fragile. Vacuum bags are also a great way to save space when storing clothes.


You can order trunks and packing materials to your address on our website, click the ‘Order Now’ button to get started.

On the delivery day our driver will give you a call to let you know they’re close to your address. If possible, clear a space for the trunks inside your home so getting them safely into your house or apartment is as easy as possible.

We’re working on the ability to add more trunks to your order at your door, but for now you’ll have to start a new order by logging into your members portal and adding trunks to your account.

If you have extra trunks that you haven’t filled by the collection date, we’ll take them back and refund you their cost. So, don’t worry about overestimating how many trunks you’ll need.

You can cancel or reschedule up to 48 hours before the delivery or collection date. At the moment, you can’t change the number of trunks you’ve ordered or the packing materials, we’re working on implementing this as quickly as possible.

When the storeit4me driver will arrive depends on where you live, the number of drops the driver is doing on that day and other variables like traffic or route diversions. Our driver will give you a call when they are close to your address, so you’ll have some warning before they arrive.

Yes, our driver will give you a call to let you know they’re in your area and to give you a rough estimate of when they will arrive.

There will not be an additional charge for a missed delivery, but you will have to book another delivery or collection which will incur the standard delivery or collection cost as listed on the storeit4me website.

All our drivers will always be from storeit4me, they will have a storeit4me van and uniform. Each driver will also have the contact details you provided during your initial order.

When packing your trunks, there’s no such thing as too much bubble wrap. It not only protects fragile items from knocks and bumps, it also fills up space in the trunk so your items don’t move around during transit. See our Help Doc for more packing tips to keep your stuff safe.

Yes, feel free to use whatever materials you would like to. Just make sure to protect your items as best you can to prevent damage during the storage process.


Your trunks will get collected in a similar way to how they were delivered, a storeit4me driver will come to your address and pick up all the trunks due to be collected. When you select your delivery date for the empty trunks you will also select your collection date, so choose dates that work around your schedule and give you enough time to pack away everything.

Our drivers currently operate between 9-5 on weekdays.

You can cancel or reschedule your collection up to 48 hours before the collection date.

It is easiest for us to collect your trunks from the ground floor of your address, every trunk has 4 wheels so they can be easily transported to our vans.

There won’t be an additional charge for a missed collection, however you will have to reschedule the collection which will incur the standard collection charge as listed on the storeit4me website.


Yes, you can retrieve any of your trunks from storage as and when you need them. The cost for retrieving a trunk from storage will be listed on our website, or for more information please give us a call.

Your trunks will be stored in a modern storage facility in your area. Each facility is monitored 24/7, has excellent security and no public access. The storage facilities are working environments, but they are kept clean and dry at all times.

24/7 CCTV, staff on site during working hours and the site is securely locked overnight. There is no public access to the site.

We will only ever open a trunk if your payment method fails, and the remaining debt is unpaid for over 2 months. Alternatively, if a customer has attached a padlock to the trunk and has subsequently lost the keys, with their consent we will open the trunk by cutting the padlock.


You can view your weekly costs, the trunks in storage and all your other account details by logging on to the customer portal on the storeit4me website. You can view your trunks and their labels here as well, so you always know where your stuff is.

Yes, you can order more trunks through the customer portal and select another delivery and collection date.

Yes, the members portal allows you to update or change your payment method. If the payment method you are using is due to expire, we will notify you.


You can select which trunks you would like to retrieve in your portal, and you can select the date for delivery.

If any of your items are damaged or missing, please contact us within 3 working days so we can investigate the issue.

Empty Collection

You can select the delivery date for your full trunks and the collection date for the empty trunks in your members portal, so be sure to give yourself enough time to empty each trunk.

If one of the empty trunks due for collection is broken or damaged, just let our driver know and we will look into the issue. If it becomes apparent that you are at fault for the damage, we may charge you for the cost of the trunk.

If you would like to purchase any of the trunks at any stage in the storage process, visit our website for more information about how to do so and for trunk prices.

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