Would you like more space?

Do you have items that you could store somewhere else?

Need a more flexible alternative to self storage?

How storeit4me works…

Order your storage trunks online
Order your storage trunks online.
Pack up the items you need to store
Pack up the items you need to store.
We'll collect them from you
We'll collect them from you.

storeit4me is perfect for…

Clear some space in your wardrobe and declutter your bedroom by storing seasonal clothing like winter shoes and coats or summer jackets. Use our vacuum bags to keep clothes dry and compact.

Store things you use once a year like Christmas decorations, sports equipment or garden cushions. Get them delivered back to you when you need them.

Everyone has stuff around the house that they can’t bring themselves to throw away, family heirlooms, kids’ schoolwork, toys or art can all be safely stored away and retrieved when you want it back.

If you are required to keep paperwork or physical files for your job or home, store them with storeit4me to keep them safe, secure and accessible.

Declutter and depersonalise your home for house viewings, then temporarily store your things during the move to keep your moving day stress free. Storeit4me will help you get things moving!


You’re one click away from a clutter-free life!

Order now and declutter from as little as 95p a week.

Why Use Personal Trunk Storage...

storeit4me - Personal Trunk Storage
Greater Flexibility
We can deliver, store and collect on a trunk-by-trunk basis. Request your trunks back at any time.
More Convenient
We will handle the delivery and collection of your trunks from your door to ours. All you have to do is pack your trunks and focus on the extra space.
Cost Effective
Avoid the hassle and costs of transport, travel time and van hire. We take care of it all!

Get To Know Us

Between us we have 20 years of experience and we have used all of it to create storeit4me. We are proud of what we do and want you to be satisfied with the service we provide.

storeit4me - Russ Robertson

Russ Robertson

Managing Director

Russ has over 20 years of experience in operations, he makes sure our operations and the business run smoothly and that most importantly you get an excellent service.

storeit4me - Toby Howells

Toby Howells

Marketing Director

Toby is a graduate of the University of York, he drives our marketing strategy and social media.

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